5 Of The Best Uses Of Mahogany Wood

Mahogany remains one of the most sought after kinds of hardwoods in the world, and can be used in a variety of different ways. Coming from various species native to the Americas, the wood is often recognisable for its beautiful reddish-brown colour.

Interestingly, mahogany wood is also remarkably durable and some varieties are resistant to pests and rot compared to other hardwoods. This makes it a highly versatile wood that is used in many different ways.

This article will go into a few of the best.




Without a doubt, one of the most effective and rewarding uses of mahogany is in the production of furniture.

It is particularly popular today in the construction of antique reproduction furniture, as it has a certain grand look to it that fits this requirement to a tree. In fact, a great deal of genuine antique furniture we see in homes today is made of mahogany.

This is because traditional mahogany furniture are very beautiful to look at and takes the standard of your home into a very different level. The trade of this hardwood from the Americas into Europe and around the world was at the end of the 19th century, at which time it was used to create just about anything including tables, chairs, partners desks, cabinets and other furnishings.

Given the current high costs of mahogany wood, it has become popular to use plywood in the construction of antique reproduction furniture in Australia and cover only the outer layer with mahogany.




A number of instruments have traditionally been made out of mahogany wood, including pianos, guitars and stringed instruments including violins and chellos. Interestingly, this kind of wood helps to create a full, warm sound, particularly in the case of grand pianos. Some of the classic guitars of Ibanez PF series are well known for this.




Another exceptional use of mahogany through history and today has been in the construction of doors, whether they are entry or doors within the house. Because it’s such a sturdy and rather heavy wood, it makes the perfect front door and lasts many years in most cases, never warping or loosing its shape.

Not to mention, it’s beautiful appearance ensures that guests always feel welcome. While mahogany doors tend to be a bit on the pricey size today, they are generally well worth the investment.



41434274 - bright livingroom with hardwood floor and tan sofa.

Again, given it’s long lasting, durable nature, mahogany makes an excellent option for hardwood floors. While there are some less expensive, more environment-friendly options available including laminate and engineered wood flooring, mahogany hardwood floors remain a classic with a look that many other cheaper flooring options are trying to emulate. One potential drawback for some homeowners is the fact that mahogany darkens with age.




Mahogany paneling is also very popular in the construction of boats. It is particularly sought after in this field due to the fact that it resists wood rot, making it arguably the highest quality wood in the world for this purpose. It’s immunity to rot comes from interlocking grain, which means that water is not able to seep inside and cause damage.

Its attractive appearance is also part of the reason it is so popular in the construction of water vessels.

Like all good quality materials, mahogany wood products can be on the expensive side, however more often than not it is worth the investment, given its durability.

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