How to Make Your Room Look Bigger With a Smart Selection of Furniture

Decorating small rooms in a small house is a big concern for house owners. But a smart selection of furniture can fool the eye and make your rooms look way bigger than they actually are. Here are some tips to make your house a dream home.

Avoid Tiny Furniture


Thinking out of the box can help to work with a small space. It’s easy to guess that small furniture will make your room look bigger, right? Well it does not actually work like that. But a few pieces of big furniture like a big bed or a sofa placed against the wall can make your room look bigger. It makes a room look tiny if you fill the room with unnecessary and small pieces of furniture. Using contemporary multi-functional furniture such as a chest that can be used as a coffee table, a sofa with a bed or a folding bed, expandable dining table, folding chairs etc. can be tucked away when you won’t be needing them.

Choose the Colour Wisely


Choosing the colour of your furniture wisely for small rooms can be a big deal. Usually colour matched with the walls or light shade of colours like white, off white, grey on furniture can make your room look bigger. That way furniture will blend into the room and will widen your space. See through furniture like glass tables or Lucite chairs can fool the eye and make people think that there is more space than actually is.

Emphasise on Vertical Furniture


Tall furniture like antique reproduction furniture – bookshelves, showcase, almira etc. can make an illusion to your eyes of a big room. Kitchen racks or shelves attached with walls can make a pathway and also make the kitchen look bigger. You can use long lamps in the corners to enhance the feeling of movement and flow.

Mirrors Can Work Like Magic

49422962 - bright small cozy room with sophisticated decorations

Another very smart way to make your room look bigger and beautiful is to place mirrors to a focal point and angle toward it to give the illusion of depth. Mirrors make a room brighter reflecting both natural and artificial light into a room. If you place a mirror near a window it would be more effective. Because the light would bounce deeper into the room and will make it look larger. Mirrored cabinet doors can do the same.

Choosing Art for Your Room Cleverly


Art is a style statement for your home and gives a glimpse of our taste and personality. Choosing an art along with furniture is a clever way to make a room look bigger. But this does not mean that you will cover all the walls around you. It’s not necessary to hang the art pieces. You can also keep them on your table or keep them standing in a corner of a room. The combination of furniture and art will make your home look classy too.

Avoid Clutter


Extra furniture, accessories and anything else that is not in use should be moved from the house as they will make the house look clumsy. Floor is a very important fact which should be kept clean all the time. You can choose floor mats according to the wall and furniture colour. This can help to look the room bigger.

Outdoor Furniture

7302525 - wooden garden bench

Selecting outdoor furniture is very important as it is a place for the family to spend some time in the fresh air. Teak outdoor furniture would be a good choice as it has natural oils to repel rain. Smart choice of outdoor furniture can make a small lawn or porch look bigger too.


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