3 Fun Furniture Decorating Tips For Homeowners

As most homeowners will be aware, there is a lot to think about when it comes to decorating an interior. While a little creativity is always encouraged and is absolutely a part of the process, there are certain decorative truths that you should stick to.

If you’re struggling to get motivated and feel you need to shake things up, this article will go through just a few pointers that might give your interior decorating efforts a boost.


Contrasting Colours


When it comes to decorating, one of the easiest mistakes to make is to combine colours that simply don’t work well together. So it’s understandable that some homeowners are hesitant to take colour risks when it comes to furniture in particular. It is common to see rooms with furniture all of one shade or a set, for instance. However, if you do your research, using multiple colours through a room that fall into the same hue can work really well.

This example demonstrates how various colours can be weaved together to create a unique, comfortable look that comes across as very sophisticated. There is nothing fancy happening here, just a clever coordination of whites, mahoganies, and blacks with splashes of emerald green, certainly a winning combination. Mahogany coffee tables are famously versatile and work well with a range of shades surrounding them. You can also see the balance with the bottom of the white sofa matching the darker lounge chairs.


Using Symmetry

46200746 - modern space - yellow armchairs in black and white living room

Depending on the specific style you’re going for, creating symmetry in your living room with your use of furniture and other decorative elements can be effective. Balancing and symmetry of things out can make the room much more visually pleasing and often less cluttered. There are obviously degrees of symmetry, and often being subtle about it can create a more cohesive look rather than ensuring the sides of the room are identical to one another.

For instance, using artwork of the same size on either side of a window can be effective, or you can make the colours the focus of the room’s symmetry. In some cases, it can be effective to provide a contrast to unusual, daring or retro furniture by ensuring the layout of the room is symmetrical, which belies the other decorative elements (as shown).


Experiment With A Daring Chair


While it certainly has its merits, sometimes having a meticulously, perfectly balanced and decorated room can make it seem less livable, or perhaps even a little boring. Some decorators will spice things up by adding a ‘statement chair’ to the mix, which will often cut against the style of the rest of the room. The idea is that it draws people’s attention and adds something to the feel of the room, so bright, vivid colours are often the way to go. You can choose your piece from affordable antique reproduction furniture to contemporary ones. The below chair, for instance, may work well in a modernly furnished room.

There are many different ways to reinvent the style of your interior from repainting, replacing old furniture or adding new decorative elements that fit together nicely. The tips that have been discussed are easy ways to do just that without necessarily breaking the bank. Let us know how you go and leave your comments below!


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