Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Naturally Clean This Christmas


We all love outdoor furniture for its natural wood finish, durable frames and a spot in the garden to enjoy all year round. Not only this, we also try to implement different decorating ideas in our outdoor space with the outdoor furniture. But over time the furniture may lose its spark, lose its sheen and end up looking rather sad and unwanted. With Christmas coming just around the corner, why not take a little time to spruce up your garden furniture a little, using natural cleaning to bring a little shine to your garden!

With the rise in popularity wholesale outdoor furniture outlets, you may have found yourself a bargain outdoor set made from real wood. Wood will last a long time when properly taken care of, so don’t just leave it be, use proper treatments and it will last a good 25+ years!


Try to Avoid Harsh Chemicals

harsh chemical on furniture.jpg

As many outdoor furniture sets are often teak or other solid wood sets, cleaning them with chemicals or other household cleaners is not the best way to bring out their shine. Not only will some of these chemical cleaners damage the wood grain and the look of the furniture itself, they are also pretty toxic for your garden and the plants that may live near-by.

Finding natural cleaning products for your outdoor furniture is easy with a little know-how, and with a number of new products on the market that are specially made for teak and other outdoor wood furniture, you’ll be having a new favourite spot to sit in the garden this Christmas!


Use Natural Soap and Water First

natural soap on outdoor furniture.jpg

One of the best cleaning products for bringing back the shine in teak outdoor furniture has to be washing it down with simple natural soap and water, and then using a non-metallic brush to work in the soap suds. After a little while you will see the brighter colour coming through from the grain, and with a good rinse you will have cleaned your teak nicely.

Another great way to clean your outdoor furniture is by using a water pressure washer on a low setting. This will get any dirt and grime out from under all of the edges and feet, as well as lift mould and mildew from the grain – but be careful! Using a pressure washer on a high setting may damage the wood, or lift any protective oils you may have laid down beforehand.


Try to Prevent Dirt with Protective Covers

46299052 - the checkered tablecloth on wooden table

Many wholesale outdoor furniture stores will give you advice on how to protect and prevent any dirt and grime from building up on your purchases before you buy. It is always recommended that you purchase high quality materials for your furniture to ensure the longevity of the frames, as well as use from a selection of various furniture protection devices to ensure they are not damaged in rough weather.

One of the best ways for preventative treatment of outdoor garden furniture is to use a protective wood oil to seal the grain from the elements. This protective covering will offer protection for a number of months against sunlight which may bleach certain woods as well as rain and other rough weather situations. Protection is the key to longevity when it comes to outdoor furniture, making the clean down later a breeze!


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