The Advantages of Keeping Wooden Furniture

There are a great many design styles and forms when it comes to furniture; from classic and antique furniture to post-modern, art-deco and contemporary.

While wooden furniture is still very popular today, modern styles certainly seem to utilise timber materials less than older styles, with a growing tendency to use steel, plastic and cast iron to name a few. But the benefits of wooden furniture should not be underestimated.

Let’s take look at a couple of advantages that come from it.


Strong and Durable

Wood remains one of the most resilient materials out there that is used in the building of furniture. Whether it is scratches, spills or just general wear and tear, a wooden piece holds its own and stays in a pretty good condition. This being the case, a well-made piece can last a number of decades without losing its beautiful appearance and can still be used as always. Wooden furniture is unique in the way that often a few marks and bruises on an old piece simply add to its charisma, and a sign of its story through the years.




Obviously this comes down to personal taste, but there is something about what a piece of wooden furniture does to the atmosphere of a room, that you really can’t quantify. If you know the superb techniques of using wooden furniture that matches or coordinate with the decorative features of a room, you can create a sense of grandeur, homeliness and charm in a unique way that is very difficult to replicate with other materials. You’ll find that many of the most beautifully decorated homes have more than a few pieces of wooden furniture.


Low Maintenance

With the exception of the odd wipe down and polish, wooden furniture requires very little upkeep and maintenance. If you ensure that it is kept relatively clean and is generally taken care of, your investment is certainly going to last. Some costs can go into refinishing the piece at certain points throughout its life (see below) but when you consider that for a quality piece of furniture you probably only need to do this every decade or so, you can see how easy wooden furniture is to maintain.




While it is highly durable, sometimes it comes to a point where a piece of wooden furniture has lost its shine or its sparkle. But this in no way means it’s at the ends of its days, as a quick sanding, staining and/or painting session can give it a new life and a brand new look altogether. Refinishing furniture can make an older looking piece spring back to life and remain the centerpiece of a room for years to come.

There are more than a few reasons why wooden furniture is a popular choice when people are looking to decorate. While genuine antique pieces can be quite expensive, you can find relatively affordable reproduction furniture, stylish teak furniture and other outdoor furniture available at VC Living – the wholesale furniture suppliers in Australia.


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