Maintaining And Restoring Garden Furniture

Teak garden furniture can look terrific set up on your patio or outdoor area, making for a comfortable place to relax or entertain on a sunny day. But being exposed to the elements for so long can mean that your outdoor furniture gets run down and loses its unique shine. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ensure it lasts.


A Little About Teak

7302525 - wooden garden bench

Teak makes the perfect garden table and chairs not only because it looks terrific, but because of the qualities that give it extra protection. Teak is an oily wood that is rather dense, making it less attractive to pests like termites. Water also has trouble seeping into the wood meaning rain is less of an issue compared to some other kinds of wood. This means that teak furniture can last for many years, but cosmetic changes are inevitable and the golden colour can fade away after continued use outdoors.


Teak Treatment Options

Man with paint brush, DIY concept

There are products available marketed as ‘teak oil’, though they are quite different to the natural oils teak produces. While they will give your furniture a nice glow, it is usually the case that this is short-lived and it offers little protection to the timber going forward.

Teak sealer’ is another option, a water-based product that sits on top of the natural protective oils and locks them in, meaning that they don’t evaporate as much. It also acts as something on a sunscreen, blocking UV rays that can stain the wood. Applying this yearly is highly recommended and can be a good way of prolonging the shine of your teak furniture.



Craftsman sanding a wooden item in his woodwork studio

It’s sturdy and long-lasting, but it isn’t invincible. If your teak furniture is in need of a restoration or refurbish to have it looking its best again, sanding and cleaning is a good starting point. Sanding the surface down will remove the grey, weathered layer of timber. Make sure you sand down every part of the pieces of furniture for the best results. Once this is done, rinsing the furniture down with water can will ensure that the surface is primed for cleaning and is dust-free.

The best option here is to use a teak cleaner, which should be applied immediately after rinsing when the wood is still wet. You should use a small scrub to gently apply it to the entirety of the surface. Let is sit for 10-15, during which time the cleaner will enter the wood. Following this you should rinse the furniture again and leave it in the sun to dry!

If you take care of your teak furniture and you have a quality well-made set, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t last generations. Remember to check your furniture for potential damage, as this mean require a professional restoration.


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