5 Things Every Home Office Needs

In many ways, working from home is something we all dream of. Not only does it mean you don’t have to worry about commuting to the office, putting up with traffic and getting home late, but being in your own house is comfortable and can mean being more productive too.

But it’s important that you have an appropriate setup if you are working from home. The fact is that being in your own house can mean more distractions, making it difficult to get in a good working rhythm. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can set your home office up in a way that makes you productive and looks great too.


1. A Good Office Chair


This really goes without saying, but an uncomfortable chair is going to make working more difficult than it sounds. Sitting in the same place all day long is hard enough as it is, but when you’re sitting in a chair that hurts your back or neck, it’s 10 times worse. Invest in a proper office chair that provides the necessary support you need. The extra money you spend here is well worth it!

2. A High Quality Desk


Along with the chair, a desk can make a big difference to your comfort while you’re working. If you’ve ever worked on a desk that wasn’t the right height you’ll understand how bad it can be for your back and neck. Take the time to find the right desk for you and one that fits the atmosphere of your room.

Traditional desks are a popular option nowadays, with antique study furniture becoming sort after in more and more homes. If a genuine antique isn’t in your budget, you might consider going with antique reproduction furniture.

3. Solid Lighting


You need to work in a well-lit room not only because you need good visibility to concentrate on what you’re doing, but also to create the proper mood that is conducive to you being productive. Ideally, you’ll want your home office to have plenty of natural light, but if this isn’t possible, try to use warm artificial lighting to give the room a comfortable atmosphere.

4. Plants


Decorative items should not be overlooked as they add visual interest to the room and can keep you in the right headspace. Plants in particular can have a relaxing effect on us and help to separate the various sections of the room nicely. If you aren’t using a plant, you can use other decorative items according to your tastes.

5. Bookcase/Filing Cabinet


Whether it be a bookcase or filing cabinet, your home office needs a space for you to store important (or unimportant) documents away. Without this, you run the risk of having things clutter up very quickly, which makes the space an uncomfortable place to work in the long run. This item will also give your room the character that it needs to work on a visual level.

If you’re setting up your home office, you’re best served heading to your local furniture provider and checking out their range. You can also get some great deals on antique reproduction furniture online so definitely take a look at various providers before you buy!


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