4 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Teak Furniture In Good Shape

There’s something very Australian about enjoying meals with friends and family outside on the deck in the summer time. Creating a relaxed, breezy space is an important factor if you want to entertain outdoors and there’s many decorative considerations to be made. Teak dining sets have always been popular for their comfortability, attractive appearance and perhaps most importantly, their durability.

Often considered an eco-friendly timber, teak outdoor furniture can last up to 70 years if cared for properly. But being exposed to the harsh Australian sun can certainly take it’s toll. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can ensure you get the longest life out of your teak outdoor furniture.


Cover When Not in Use

This is fairly self explanatory. The best way to protect your teak furniture from sun and water damage when you’re not using it is to cover it with a tarp or canvas, ideally one that is waterproof. If you aren’t able to purchase one at the time of purchase, they can be bought quite cheaply online.

In off-seasons when you aren’t using the furniture at all – winter, for example – it’s probably best to move the furniture indoors if you have a shed or garage.


Scrubbing As Needed

39261995 - using rag for cleaning dusty wood in home

It’s only natural that outdoor furniture accumulates grim and dirt with continued use. In the case of teak, it’s best to clean on a regular basis or as needed. Ignoring this can lead to mould and can also give the furniture a more weathered appearance, which ultimately reduces the its life.

The most effective method of cleaning is by using a mixture of laundry detergent, bleach and water and scrubbing.


Colour Restoration

Despite being one of the most durable timbers on the market, natural discolouration take place to teak as it usually develops a grey shade over time. This does not affect the longevity of the wood and is purely cosmetic. Teak oil can be effective in reducing the speed of this process, however some find that applying this regularly can reduce the effectiveness of natural oils in the wood and can create an over-reliance on teak oil.

Teak brightening and sealing products can be helpful in restoring the honey colour we associate with this marvelous timber. Often this product is also marketed as ‘teak cleaner’. Basically, it helps protect the wood from overexposure to oxygen and UV rays from the sun for up to a year.


Deal with Stains Promptly & Properly

Food stains are never fun. Whether it’s red wine, chocolate or coffee, failing to act soon enough can lead to a permanent mark, so it’s generally a pressure situation when this happens. In the case of teak furniture, one of the best ways to deal with such stains is the scrub brush method, but remember to act as quickly as possible! Failing to do so can be costly. There are also products made specifically for wood stains, available at your local hardware store.

So there you have it. Follow these simple, common sense instructions and you’ll be sure to pass down your teak outdoor furniture onto your children and maybe even your grandchildren!


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