Cleaning Tricks for Outdoor Furniture

Nicely organized outdoor furniture not only increases the beauty of your exterior but also gives you the opportunity to enjoy some relaxing time with your loved ones or allows you to have some soothing time of your own. Outdoor furniture needs extra care as they can badly be affected by the weather. Cleaning the outdoor furniture is sometimes a great pain. Some tricks can be followed to keep your outdoor furniture clean. Get ready to apply those tricks and ease your pain.

The outdoor furniture of different materials need to be handle in different ways.

Bean Bag

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Though it might be quite trendy to keep your bean bag outside but it is really not a wise decision. At the end of autumn, you get a smell out of your bean bag due to the exposure to moisture. The solution to this is to undo the bean bag’s zip and remove the outer cover for a good penetration. You might even put it in the washing machine for a wash only if the instruction manual permits.


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Metal furniture has a shielding finish, making it resistant and enduring thus it doesn’t require to be taken extra care of. Just wash the synthetic top coat by wiping it off with a soapy detergent. You can even paint it topping with a clear metal varnish if required.


28487239 - teak wood furniture stand on the terrace

Timber furniture require negligible maintenance as this material is both termite-proof and waterproof. To maintain the good condition of the furniture, use a firm brush to scrub off the oil and dirt then you can wash it off by using dishwashing and a gentle cloth.


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Aluminium furniture has a strong powder coat texture making it a model for an outdoor entertaining zone or pool area. This can easily be cleaned by using spray cleaners and then can be wiped off with soft towel. The excess can be washed off by using hot water. To get rid of the stains laundry soap can be used with hot water.

Outdoor Fabric

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The latest collections of outdoor soft fixtures, made of woven fibres, are almost unbeatable. To keep sofas, chairs, couches and cushions clean you just need to simply brush off any loose dirt. Another option can be to combine water and detergent or mild, natural soap and wash off any dirt with soft brush. Later it can be kept under the sun to get dry. To get rid of light staining a wash-and-wipe would be a great solution. It is better not to take the risk of unzipping the covers without talking with the manufacturer.

Synthetic Wicker


This new and improved material is super durable and very elegant. A quick spray or a bucket and cloth to wipe using soap or detergent is enough to get rid of any dirt.  Always remember to rinse all the furniture and let it dry under the sun.

Garden furniture can add glitters to the look of your house, they can also enhance the standards but you definitely need to keep them clean so that they look new at all times.


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